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Sacrament of Holy Communion

Now let us celebrate our Holy Communion.
Jesus invited everyone to share in this sacrament.
It is to be consumed in faith
that there is no sin which cannot be forgiven,
with the hope of everlasting life
and with the love of God,
and of each other.

It is to be taken with gratitude for all
who have gone before us in the holy communion of life on earth,
with gratitude for those who have given us our lives
and with gratitude for this moment here together.

Come now, let us share in the Lord’s supper.

Pastor: Jesus took bread and blessed it and brake it and gave it to his disciples.

People: His bread is life to us.

Pastor: Then he took the cup, gave thanks, and gave it to his followers.

People: His cup is strength and hope to us.

Prayer of Consecration (Pastor)

Loving God,
who in Jesus Christ gives us our salvation,
consecrate by your Holy Spirit,
these elements of Holy Communion.
Bless us as we receive them this day
that we may be your faithful people.
In our Risen Savior’s name we pray.

Giving of the bread:

This bread is the life of Christ offered to you.
(all are served)

Pastor: Take, eat, this is Christ’s body which is given for you. (all take bread together)

Giving of the wine:

This cup is the sacrifice of Christ, given for our redemption. (all are served)

Pastor: Drink ye all of it. For this is the blood of the New Testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins.

Prayer of Thanksgiving (unison)

We thank you God for this most amazing gift
that you have brought us together at this table
in your loving presence and with each other.
We thank you for your abiding love and for the
promise of your sacrifice to us. We ask that you
strengthen our faith and increase our love
toward one another.
Let us show forth your praise
as we worship joyfully together and
as we serve you gladly in our lives.
In the name of Christ Jesus we pray.