Shirley Harris Crockett Award

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April 25, 2010

Larry Crockett presented the Shirley Harris Crocket Award during the church service to Michael Mario. Michael is attending the Vermont Academy of Spiritual Training (VAST), and was also the recipient in 2009. (See below.) Larry spoke about the academy, emphasizing that it is intended for all of us, not only those interested in ministry.

May 24, 2009

Michael Mario received the Shirley Harris Crockett Award for 2009, fittingly, on the anniversary of Shirley's death in 1998. The award "intends to recognize, encourage and perpetuate the qualities and values which characterized Shirley's ministry in the Guilford Church: e.g., growth, risk and innovation in the spiritual life; service to and compassion for others; devotion to the life and work of the church." Michael intends to enter the ministry, and will attend V.A.S.T. (Vermont Academy of Spiritual Training). Congratulations, Michael!