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How is the church governed?

True to its congregational nature, the church is governed by members of the congregation. A team of lay leaders meet twice a month with the pastor to oversee the management of the church. The Board of Deacons oversees the spiritual needs of the church community, and the Church Council, which includes heads of committees as well as the deacons, lay leaders and the church clerk and treasurer, meets once a month to share in the making of decisions which affect the larger church body.

Where does the money go?

In short,
About 40% goes to pay the salary of the pastor.

About 30% goes to keep the building maintained, the lawn mowed, the driveway plowed and maintained, electricity, water, etc. It also includes our secretary, maintenance and cleaning persons.

About 22% goes to the different ministries of the church. It pays for our various planned mission donations. It pays for Sunday School materials and for kitchen and food supplies for funerals and folks laid up with illness.

You will have noticed we also ask for optional/spontaneous contributions in emergency situations. This can mean contributions of food for families of someone for whom we hold a funeral or of cash donations for victims of a local fire or of a national emergency such as Katrina.