Sunday, October 24th
Stewardship Sunday

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Guilford Community Church is now offering services in three ways – indoors in the sanctuary, by close circuit TV in our second sanctuary located in Zeller Hall, the church’s fellowship space and online on our YouTube page. For indoor, in-person worship please know:

Masks are a requirement to join us for indoor worship regardless of vaccination status. 

1.   The most obvious will be in seating. We have roped off half of the pews so that we can have appropriate distancing. Ushers will seat you and your family/pod so as to maximize the number of people that can be in the sanctuary. Please be prepared to enjoy the church from a new perspective in a location that is “not your regular pew.”

2.   Singing hymns should happen in a soft voice—humming is also a good option. The latest information about indoor group singing says that, if the level of your voice is similar to speaking in a soft voice, we will be able to sing together as safely as possible. When the small choir sings, they will stand on the chancel as far from the congregation as possible.

3.   Zeller Hall option: A new, extra-large TV screen will be installed this week to allow more space for seating downstairs. We have learned that some people may prefer to be in comfortable chairs with easier access to the restrooms. There will be ongoing alterations to the space to make it feel more like another sanctuary. We hope that everyone will be willing to alternate worshipping in Zeller Hall and in the sanctuary as the weeks unfold.

As we look to keep each other as safe as possible please see the special email report from the Relaunch Task Force. 


Guilford Community Church,
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In addition, Brattleboro Area Interfaith Youth Group has created the following video encouraging donations to Simply Smiles. 

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