Our Pastor

Lise Sparrow

Rev. Dr. Lise Sparrow is an ordained pastor of the United Church of Christ and has served as pastor of the Guilford Community Church since 2000. Before becoming our pastor, she taught graduate students at the School for International Training in Brattleboro for 25 years and at the end of her tenure there was the Director of their Master of Arts in Teaching Program. She also taught Intercultural Communication and Conflict Resolution for the World Issues Program and the Program in Intercultural Management. She is fluent in Spanish and German, lived overseas for many years and has a doctoral degree in Culture, Language and Literacy. 

She studied for her Master of Arts in Divinity at Harvard Divinity School, the focus of her studies at that time was Faith Development. Her doctoral dissertation focused on Identity Issues of Multicultural Women and she has dedicated years of study to women in international leadership as well as women in the Bible, always focused on intercultural and interfaith dimensions of spiritual development. She is also a Reiki Master which she brings to the church healing ministry. She is married and has four children, two grandchildren and two dogs. 
She is currently fascinated by stories of strength and courage found in the local Guilford and Brattleboro communities and is engaged in programs to sustain local families.

What does the pastor do?

Our pastor leads worship and helps coordinate Christian Education. She leads our two youth groups and teaches 9 a.m. Sunday School. She meets with church leaders and attends committee and council meetings and is the face of the church in Guilford, Brattleboro and at UCC Association Meetings. She holds regular office hours to meet with folks in her office and spends at least one day a week visiting people in their homes, nursing homes, and hospitals.

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