What to Expect at a Typical Service

During the pandemic of COVID-19, our services have become virtual.  We have a wonderful film editor who puts together pieces of the service filmed separately and therefore in a safe socially distant manner.  You can find the LINKS to our service and even a ZOOM coffee hour on the HOME PAGE of this website.  These are updated weekly. 


During “normal” times, in our physical church,our services begin with a musical prelude and announcements. After announcements and the singing of “Happy Birthday” to anyone who is celebrating a birthday during the coming week, our service begins with a moment of silence as children from the church light the candles.

Our order of worship follows a United Church of Christ service, which you can follow in the bulletin. You’ll be called to worship with a poem, psalm or prayer. The congregation participates in hymns and sometimes in responsive readings and prayers. The choir sings music chosen for the pastor’s theme.

9 o'clock choir

Each Sunday’s worship is centered around readings from the Bible, usually from the lectionary. (The lectionary is a calendar of Scripture readings shared by Christian churches around the world.) The pastor preaches a sermon based on these readings, or on a theme chosen for a special day such as World AIDS Day.

children's storyEvery service includes a children’s story, after which the children go downstairs to Sunday School or Child Care. The exceptions are Christmas and Easter, when the children stay through the service, with special surprises to help them stay involved.

We say the Lord’s Prayer together; it’s our custom to take the hand of the person next to us for the prayer.

We collect an offering during each service, which is used for the work of the church in the community and beyond. Offerings are completely at your discretion.

We  pass the peace of God to the people around us by shaking hands and saying, “The peace of God be with you,” or simply, “Peace.”

We close with a hymn and the pastor’s benediction. Everyone is invited downstairs for coffee and socializing after the service.

Communion is served on the first Sunday of each month. It is open to all those who wish to know the presence of Christ and share in the community of God’s people. We serve regular and gluten free bread and non-alcoholic grape juice for the ceremony.