Capital Campaign FAQs

Why are we having a capital campaign now?

Our 250th anniversary is the perfect time to ensure that the church is on a good
financial—and physical—footing as we consider new ways to respond to community
needs and fulfill our mission.

How much am I expected to contribute?

Each of us is being asked to prayerfully consider our own needs, the place that
Guilford Community Church has in our lives, and the role of our church in the
community. Your contribution, therefore, will be a very personal commitment. If
you wish to speak to someone confidentially about how to balance all your charitable
giving with your generosity to GCC, please contact Jim Haine: phone 802-257-0626,

Do I need to make my contribution all at once?

The capital campaign will last for three years. We understand everyone manages their
money differently. Some are in the position to make one large gift while others will
consider weekly, monthly, or annual contributions over the whole campaign.

Who is being asked to give?

All members and friends of Guilford Community Church, wherever they may live, as
well as residents of Guilford will be asked to participate. If you know of people we may
not have considered including, please let us know.

When will the work begin?

We have already begun! Early gifts that have been made are being used to begin our
first efforts.

What about the plans for the property next door? Is that part of this campaign
and will I be expected to give to that as well?

There is now a separate nonprofit called the Community Collaborative for Guilford
(CC4G) made up of the Town of Guilford, Guilford Cares, and Guilford Community
Church. CC4G is conducting a feasibility study and investigating whether grants and
federal funding can be secured to make this vision a possibility. There may come a
time when contributions will be needed, but that is a separate effort.

Projected Costs

REVIVE the simple beauty of the church through enhancements to the sanctuary
and Rosa Zeller Hall, and repainting the building.

$35,000 Exterior painting
30,000 Interior painting (upstairs and down)
5,000 New pew cushions
30,000 New playground equipment
$ 100,000

RESTORE the church building.

$ 18,500 Install insulation
1,800 Repair sanctuary windows and storm windows
9,000 Replace 17 failed windows
500 Replace back door by kitchen
5,000 Create back porch broom closet storage
5,000 Establish roof maintenance fund
1,200 Build closet space upstairs
1,000 Repair nursery corner
$ 42,000

REPLENISH the church endowment to cover expenses for the adjacent property and assure
our financial security into the future.

$ 68,000 Repay loan from endowment

RENEW our commitment to outreach through our scholarship fund for youth programs
to support service work locally, nationally, and internationally.

$ 20,000 Replenish youth mission funds
5,000 Contribute to local missions
$ 25,000


$ 15,000 Kickoff dinner, other events, consultant expenses, printing, etc.

$ 250,000 TOTAL