Features of our New Website

  1. It works well on your phones and tablets!
  2. It’s WAY easier to keep up to date and add new content.
  3. Posts about the upcoming service are listed as “Next Service” – Find the link in the upper right corner on big screens, or in the footer menu on small screens.
  4. Services Archives gets you to past services, YouTube videos, and list of Anthems.  The Archive is updated by Thursday following the service.
  5. All of this is searchable –  click the magnifying glass icon in upper left on big screens – enter sermon topic, speaker, anthem, or whatever you want to look for!  There’s a search box near the bottom of the page for small screens.
  6. Under Music you’ll find the Choir Announcements. Peter keeps this up to date by sending his email announcement straight to the website!
  7. Clicking the menu link “Calendar” will get you a GRID calendar of all events.   The drop-downs for Church Events and Youth Events will display as a LIST of upcoming events.
  8. The  “News” menu item lets you see Elisa’s Facebook Posts without going to Facebook!  It only shows her original posts, you might still want to go to Facebook to see things she shares from other users.
  9. “Resources”  gets you to members only documents once you register and login.  eNews, Hoverings, Annual Reports are all found here.  The Member directory can be accessed here as well.
  10. Under “Resources” you’ll also find Galleries of photos from Church activities.  We look forward to adding to this section.
  11. Volunteer Signup Sheets are possible!   A demo of this is on the Music page where you can signup to be on Peter’s email list.  This functionality is easy to set up for any activity where you want folks to sign up.