The Building and Grounds Committee
shall consist of five or more members, elected annually, and shall be responsible for the basic furnishing, refurbishment, maintenance, and improvement of all Church structures, roads, and grounds.

The Christian Education Committee
oversees our Sunday School and early childhood program. Committee members work with the GCC pastor to identify learning goals, select materials, plan lessons, and develop and implement special events, such as the Christmas Pageant. The committee consists of Sunday School teachers, substitute teachers, parents, and other volunteers who care deeply about the spiritual education and experience of our church’s children.
The pastor also participates with the committee to coordinate confirmation class activities and teen leadership functions.

The Finance Committee
provides support and oversight for the church treasurer. They create and monitor the annual budget and have general responsibility for the church’s financial affairs. They also help guide responsible investment of our small endowment. They meet once a month.

The CARE Committee
hosts special church occasions, funeral receptions, and also provides meals for shut-ins, the ill, and the bereaved in our community.

The Social Outreach Committee

The Resource Stewardship Committee
conducts an annual drive to gather both financial pledges and pledges of time and talent. They recruit and present the slate of officers and committee members for annual election and fill other volunteer vacancies as they occur. They also take great satisfaction in overseeing annual events that broaden the church’s outreach and contribute to our budget. Regular fundraisers are the Fall and Spring Pie Sales, Sugar and Strawberry Suppers, Christmas Bazaar, Book Sale, and Welcome Center Refreshment Sale.

The Worship Committee
consists of any number of voluntary members elected annually, and is responsible for enhancing worship and addressing conditions which may prevent the full participation of all members in worship.