Music for April 28, 2019

Dear GCC Choir,
Dr. Kathy Bullock  is
leading the Choir this Sunday.  She is in town to work with Mary Cay
Brass's River Singers and Greenfield Harmony choruses. 
We will start rehearsal at 8:40 am, rehearsing three anthems for our 10 am Sunday service:
Alleluia by Nolan Williams
The version we often do, heard here with the GCC Choir singing to Franz Robert on piano
Andy's transcription of the piece as originally learned from Kathy.  It
will be amazing to sing it with Kathy leading it from her piano
I Still Have Joy
NOT the version we usually do.  This is Mary Alice's request; Mary
Alice loved singing this with Kathy in a choral singing week we led with
Kathy in Scotland.

Trust Me by Richard Smallwood

This will be an extraordinary morning of song & worship.  See you there at 8:40 am (well, 8:35 am).

Blessings to all,

Peter Amidon