Music for April 7, 2019

Dear GCC Singers,
This, the fourth Sunday
of Lent (please arrive at 8:55 for 9:00 am rehearsal), Scott Ainsley,
who, Lise, found out, knows the pastor of the UCC church at the
U.S./Mexican border whose work with immigrants GCC has been supporting,
will be telling a story and singing a song about the border situation
for the children's story. 
We will be singing, as an anthem, a Spanish hymn, in support of Scott's story and song:
Camina, pueblo de Dios by Cesáreo Gabaráin
We will all sing the chorus and Andy Davis will sing the verses, although I might have the choir join in on
some of the verses.
We will also be singing
Prodigal's Return Tony solo, Mary Alice, harmony, Choir SATB on last three verses.
I learned this from Lucy Simpson who found it in a 19th century hymnal.

Camina, pueblo de Dios
-Cesáreo Gabaráin

Camina, pueblo de Dios,

camina, pueblo de Dios,

nueva ley, nueva alianza

en la nueva creación.

Camina pueblo de Dios.

Camina pueblo de Dios.


Mira allá en
el Calvario,

en la roca
hay una cruz,

muerte que
engendra la vida,

hombres, nueva luz.


Cristo nos ha

con su muerte
y resurrección.

Todas las
cosas renacen

en la Nueva


Cristo toma
en su cuerpo,

el pecado, la

destruirlos nos trae

una nueva


Pone en paz a
los hombres,

a las cosas y
al Creador.

Todo renace a
la vida

en la Nueva


Cielo y
tierra se abrazan,

nuestra alma
halla el perdón.

Vuelven a
abrirse los cielos

para el
hombre pecador.


¡Israel peregrino,

vive y canta
tu redención.

Hay nuevos
mundos abiertos

en la Nueva

Google translation

Walk, people of God,
walk, people of God,
new law, new alliance
in the new creation.
Walk the people of God.
Walk the people of God.

Look over there on Calvary,
in the rock there is a cross,
death that engenders life,
new men, new light.

Christ has saved us
with his death and resurrection.
All things are reborn
in the New Creation.

Christ takes on his body,
sin, slavery;
by destroying them it brings us
a new fullness.

It puts men in peace,
to things and the Creator.
Everything is reborn to life
in the New Creation.

Heaven and earth embrace,
our soul finds forgiveness.
The heavens are opening again
for the sinful man.

Pilgrim Israel,
live and sing your redemption.
There are new open worlds
In the new creation.

*     *    *
Prodigal's Return
A. D. Merrill, 1845

Afflictions though they seem severe
In mercy oft are sent,
They stopped the prodigal's career
And caused him to repent
I'll die no more for bread, he cried
Nor starve in foreign lands
My father's house hath large supplies
And bounteous are his hands
What have I gained by sin, he said,
But hunger shame and fear;
My father's house abounds with bread
While I am starving here.
I'll go and tell him all I've done
Fall down before his face
Unworthy to be called his son
I'll seek a servant's place
His father saw him coming back
He saw and ran and smiled
And threw his arms around the neck
Of his rebellious child

Father, I've sinned but O forgive
Enough, the Father said;
Rejoice, my house, my Son's alive

For whom I mourned as dead
Now let the fatted calf be slain
And spread the news around;
My son was dead and lives again; 
Was lost, but now is found.
'Tis thus the Lord his love reveals,
To call poor sinners home;
More than a Father's love he feels,
And welcomes all that come.
I'll die no more for bread, he cried
Nor starve in foreign lands
My father's house hath large supplies
And bounteous are his hands.

Peter Amidon