Music for March 24, 2019

Thanks in advance for arriving at 8:45 am for our 8:50 rehearsal
this Sunday – Lise and I have chosen three anthems instead of two, hence
the slightly longer rehearsal.
The three anthems for this, the third Sunday of Lent:
Climbing High Mountains
my unison/SATB/piano arrangement of one of the hymns we learned from
Lucy Simpson that she got from an old hymnal.  I have since learned that
it is an African American spiritual.

By the Waters of Babylon Allyson
Platt was the interim minister after Shirley Crockett retired.  All
asked me to do a transcription of Sweet Honey in the Rock's version of
the Rastifari song from Jamaica "By the Waters of Babylon"
for the choir for one of our Sunday services.  I listened to it and,
beautiful as it is, it was a little beyond my transcription skills, so I
arranged the simpler version that we'll do this Sunday.  The
arrangement is mine except I transcribed (with her permission) Ysaye
Barnwell's terrific contrapuntal bass line.

Walk Together Children We
learned this African American spiritual from Kathy Bullock when we were
teaching with her in Scotland a couple of years ago.  I will transcribe
the parts for us by Sunday. The audio link is Kathy teaching it to us
in Scotland. Mary Alice will channel Kathy's piano playing.
Till 8:45 am this Sunday,