Music for Maundy Thursday – April 18, 2019

Dear 9:00 GCC Choir, 

As usual this will be both a spirit-filled and music-filled week leading up to Easter.

I will be leading the choir for the traditional Maundy Thursday service to be held this coming Thursday, April 18 at 7 pm.

The Seder Supper begins promptly at 5:30 – be there early!

The choir will do a run through at 6:40 pm of mostly very familiar and traditional pieces for this service:

I will send out music early in the week.

All In the Morning traditional English

Morningfrom the Sacred Harp

When My Morning Comes AroundIris Dement


My Morning Comes Around

  Iris Dement

When my morning comes around
No one else will be there,
So I won't have to worry about
What I'm supposed to say,
And I alone will know that
I climbed that great big mountain,
And that's all that will matter.

When my morning comes around,
When my morning comes around,
I will look back on this valley,
At these side-walks and alleys
Where I lingered for so long,
And this place where I now live,
Will burn to ash and cinder
Like some ghost I won't remember.

When my morning comes around,
When my morning comes around
From a new cup I'll be drinking.
And for once I won't be thinking
That there's something wrong with me;
And I'll wake up and find
That my faults have been forgiven,
And that's when I'll start living
When my morning comes around.

Looking forward,



Andy Davis
41 West St
Brattleboro, VT  05301