Music for Palm Sunday – April 14

Dear Guilford Community Church 8:45 (!) Choir,

This Sunday, April 14, is Palm Sunday.  In addition to our traditional “Blessed Is He Who Comes in the Name of the Lord” we will also be singing two anthems, “Ain’t That Good News" and “The Lord’s Prayer.”

We will begin the Sunday morning rehearsal at 8:45
and I would encourage you to make the effort to be there ready to sing
at 8:45. This will allow us to fully prepare the music.  All will be
welcomed, regardless.

Ain’t That Good News – A wonderful setting by Moses Hogan.  Simple, rhythmic and heartfelt.

I got a crown up in-a that kingdom, ain't-a that good news!
I got a crown up in-a that kingdom, ain't-a that good news!
I'm-a gonna lay down this world, gonna to shoulder up-a my cross,
Gonna to take it home-a to my Jesus, Ain't-a that good news!

I gotta robe…  I gotta harp…   I gotta song…

The Lord’s Prayer 
a beautiful new musical setting by Peter Amidon. This will be a world
premier. The piece will also be sung at the Good Friday service on April
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The music will be enjoyable to prepare – and to share during the service.

See you at 8:45.


Andy Davis
41 West St
Brattleboro, VT  05301

Peter Amidon