Music for September 1, 2019

Dear GCC Choir,

Peter, Andy, and Patty are all away
this weekend, so I will be leading choir along with Rachel Johnson at
the piano for accompaniment. Lise will be blessing students and
teachers, speaking of the preciousness of all gifts, and serving
Anthems are:
I’m Gonna Live so God Can Use Me, an African American spiritual (using a 
Peter Amidon arrangement). Listen to Bishop G.E. Patterson’s
A PDF of 
the version we will sing is attached. 
Thanksgiving Eve, by Bob Franke, a gifted and prolific songwriter from 
Massachusetts. Peter also arranged this song and an mp3 recording of his 
arrangement is attached along with a PDF of the music.
Please arrive at 8:55 AM on Sunday morning so that we are ready to sing at 9:00.
See you then,