Music for September 29, 2019

Dear Guilford Community Church 9:00 Choir,

Sunday, September 29, the choir will be singing two anthems. Lise will
be reviewing the work we have supported for many years in Kenya.
Build a Bridge 
a beautiful contemporary Gospel piece taught to us this spring by Dr.
Kathy Bullock. We sang this in the River Singers spring concert. Here is
the chorus and a YouTube link. I will send out the music for the verses
before Sunday. 
As sung by Alvin Slaughter:
Let’s work hand in hand all across this land
Oh, I know we can build a bridge
Long and high and wide ‘cross the great divide
Oh, I know it’s time to build a bridge
1. We can stand united on the common ground of love
    In spite of all we’ve done and who we are.
    And though our many differences have driven us apart
    Today with all my heart I pray, let the healing start…
2. There’s overcoming power, we can claim the victory
    If we pray in one accord, trust and believe
    Love will grow as visions show us joy we’ve never seen
    Binding us together as we sing in harmony…

Hakuna Mungu Kama Yehyeh (There Is No God Like Him) – A beautiful piece in Kikuyu from Wangari Maathai’s Greenbelt Movement. We have sung this numerous times.
These anthems will be enjoyable to prepare – and to share during the service.

See you at 8:55!