Elisa Lucozzi

Elisa Angela Lucozzi grew up in an Italian Catholic  family and lived her early childhood years in the inner city of Boston before moving to a suburban community. She graduated from Lesley University with a Bachelor of Science in Human Services, and received her Masters   of Divinity from Andover Newton Theological School in 2010. She was drawn to work centered around people  and service from an early age. Previous to being called to serve as pastor, she enjoyed twenty years working in higher education and then supporting and advocating for survivors of  domestic and sexual violence. She comes to us from the United Community  Church in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, where she has been the pastor for the past  three years.

Elisa is passionate about “living out the gospel following Jesus’ example of  reaching out to those on the margins, to those others would not see or who  would be ignored.” What drew the Pastor Search Committee to her were her  presence, her warmth, her spiritual commitment, her commitment to social  justice, and her ability to see each one of us as individuals. In our first  interview, Elisa asked us if we had talked to the children about Lise’s retiring  and our search for a new pastor. This question inspired us and led us to ask  Sander Scott—not so much a child as a young man—to come with the  committee on our neutral pulpit visits and give us his perspective.

Additionally, she asked us (the Search Committee members) to mention one  area where we thought GCC had challenges or conflict. We were each  impressed with her clear-headed understanding that doing our good work and  being in community as a congregation necessarily comes with a need to find  solutions to difficulties as they arise.

Elisa is married to Rosanne Hebert, a registered nurse who developed a Faith  Community Nursing program and a free foot care clinic as a ministry of United  Community Church. They have a cat named Ben who they describe as “a dog  in a cat costume.”