Recent and Upcoming Youth Events

Youth Group Takes to the Connecticut River: Taking Reservations for Saturday, Sept 23, 2023 Canoe Trip
Brattleboro Area Interfaith Youth Group is holding a Canoe Trip from 8:30-3:30 pm on Saturday, Sept.
23, paddling down the Connecticut River, putting boats in at Chesterfield, NH and exiting in Hinsdale,
NH. There is room for 15 paddlers so youth aged 14-18 should register by email Monday, September 18
or before.
This trip is led by experienced canoe trip leader Tom Green. He and other adults will accompany the
group. (There will be an alternate indoor youth group activity if heavy rain/lightning is expected.) Four
drivers with roof racks on their cars are sought for transport at 8:30 and 3:00 pm. An individual with
lifesaving certificate is also sought to accompany the trip. (volunteer or paid). The cost of participation
is $5-$10 on a sliding scale.
To register or get more information, email JoEllen Tarallo at or call 802-384-5671.

Thanks to those of you who could attend and/or send participants. There will be more opportunities as we build momentum!  We hope to have the meetings hosted by different faith communities each month and tap the skills of your congregations. Our next host is the Brattleboro Jewish Community on Oct. 15, from 5-7 pm. Thanks Amita!