Search Committee


Search Committee ProcessThank you to all who have come to one of the focus group meetings! It has been delightful and moving to hear your views on GCC. We are a wealthy congregation when we measure in love, talent, and mutual support. Patty has the focus questions in the church office if you would still like to weigh in at 802-257-0994 or

We will use your responses with information about the church committees, finances, and more, to write the Local Church Profile. After feedback from a few church leaders, Paul Sangree at the Vermont Conference will review our draft. Paul will post a summary of the final version on the UCC website for prospective pastors to view, and those interested can request the full document from the UCC.

We want to give a big thank-you to Terry Sylvester for making a beautiful poster showing the steps the search committee is going through. Look for it in the Rosa Zeller Hall!

Connie Green, for the Pastor

Search Committee:
Tom Yahner, Chair; Connie Green, Connie Woodberry, Sylvia Morse, Rob Harnish, Stephanie Dougherty, Andy Davis, Ken Kornfield, Jerome Holland