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We are building an archive of our church services – you can watch any of the services.
While the videos aren’t searchable, our archive will be! You can use the site-search to find a topic, guest speaker or anthem you remember hearing.
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We also have a special collection of sound  files of services from the last year of Shirley Crockett’s ministry in 1997. Click here to listen to Shirley’s 1997 services.

December 24th: 7pm

December 24. Join us for two special Christmas Eve services at 7pm and 11 pm. This Advent season we have been welcoming the presence of angels hovering round as we join with others across the country to fly in the face of fear to find more hope, love, joy and peace in the world even when we don’t see it! That is the concept behind this year’s Advent and Christmas season entitled Angels Among Us:#DoNotBeAfraid. Our 7pm service will be a family focused including singing of favorite carols and a reading of the book God’s Holy Darkness by Sharei Green and Beckah Selnick, illustrated by Nikki Faison. Our 11 pm service will be a traditional lessons and carols service with some unconventional Christmas music. Readings for this service will include scripture passages telling the story of Jesus’ birth and poetry by the Sufi mystic and poet Hafiz and prayers by Jan Richardson. Music for this joyful service is a collaboration with Peter Amidon, Andy Davis and Rachel Johnson. Of course, there will be many of the well-loved traditional Christmas carols.