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We are building an archive of our church services – you can watch any of the services.
While the videos aren’t searchable, our archive will be! You can use the site-search to find a topic, guest speaker or anthem you remember hearing.
If you would like us to also upload mp3s of sermons or services, please let us know. Mp3s could be downloaded to your phone or tablet for listening anywhere.
Access to videos of services from 2018.
For older videos, please visit our YouTube Channel.

We also have a special collection of sound  files of services from the last year of Shirley Crockett’s ministry in 1997. Click here to listen to Shirley’s 1997 services.

Sunday, December 27

Guilford Church Moderator Fred Breunig will host an updated rebroadcast of the annual post-Christmas Carol Sing from last year. Join with the congregation in singing such favorites as The Angel Gabriel, Hark the Herald Angels, Jesus Our Brother, Lift Up … Read the rest