Services from May 2019

Pride SUnday

Four Congregational Churches in the Greater Brattleboro Area will combine on the last Sunday of each month of summer.  May 26, Pride Sunday, was the first of these “Union Sundays” and was hosted by the West Brattleboro Congregational Church.  Rev. … Read the rest

Universal Christ

Progressive Christianity celebrates the Christ “in all and everything” and the May 19 service at Guilford Community Church, UCC, will celebrate Christ’s presence in the blessing of Curtiss Reed Jr and Cathryn Griffith and their life together.   This blessing will
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Mother’s Day

May 12 is Mothering Sunday and the Guilford Community Church, United Church of Christ, will celebrate Mother Earth and all who mother the children of the earth.   Music for the day, under the direction of Andy Davis, will include the
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