Groundworks Collabortive

First Sunday in Lent

First Sunday of Lent –  a celebration of “Salt and Light” as described in the Sermon on the Mount.  Josh Davis executive Director of Groundworks Collaborative, will offer the sermon as well as a conversation after church focused both on the upcoming plans for expansion of the Drop In Center building to include a seasonal overflow shelter and office space and on underlying issues affecting the homeless population.

  • Music for the day will include “Come Thou Traveler Unknown” sung by Tony Barrand, “Beatitudes”, composed by Peter Amidon.
  • The children will teach the congregation the hymn “Whatsoever You Do to the Least of my Brothers”.  
  • Katharine Breunig will offer a liturgical dance in memory of her mother accompanied by the choir who will sing “When You Believe as an Introit.

The after church conversation is part of the Lenten Series which will feature a new topic each weeks follows:

  • March 10:   “Salt and Light: Working with the Homeless” Groundworks Collaborative Update with Josh Davis,  Executive Director
  • March 17: “Prayer and Fasting: An Introduction to Centering Prayer” with Stennie Johnson
  • March 24:“Judge Not: I Am from Here”, film discussion with Curtiss Reed on racial equity in Vermont
  • March 31:   “The Golden Rule: the Edge of Contemporary Christianity”, an introduction to Nadia Bolz-Weber with Jen McCalley
  • April 7 at 2pm: “Build on Rock:  Building Relationships on Pine Ridge Reservation” with John Willis and Arthur Running Horse 
  • April 14:  “Do Not Worry: the Universal Christ”, a conference video with Richard Rohr from the Center for Action and Contemplation. Everyone is welcome.


” When You Believe”


“Come Oh, Thou Traveler Unknown”