The Golden Rule

The Lenten Series at Guilford Community Church, United Church of Christ, will continue March 31, focusing on the Beatitudes and specifically on the Golden Rule as illuminated in the story of the woman at the well. Rev Lise Sparrow will lead worship at the 10am service and the choir under the direction of Peter Amidon will offer two anthems: “Jesus Gave Me Water” and “Ubi Caritas”.
This iconic story is expressive of the expansive love of Christianity and of the “God Is Still Speaking” initiative within the United Church of Christ. There will be a special offering taken for “Families Belong Together” a campaign to support the Church of the Good Shepherd, UCC, in Sahuarita, Arizona, whose volunteers at the Comedor, a small hillside compound where Jesuits, Sisters of the Holy Eucharist, Samaritans from Green Valley, Sahuarita and Tucson, No More Deaths members, and helpers from both sides of the border provide migrants with morning and evening meals, clothing, medical care, phone calls, legal advice, and psychological services. 
The Sunday school will continue with the “Ahlan wa Sahlan! :Welcome to the Holy Land: curriculum from the UCC Global Ministries and Disciples of Christ. This week they will learn about the town of Jericho and prepare care packages for the children along the southern border After the service Jen McCalley will lead the Lenten discussion of a film featuring Nadia Bolz Weber, a modern theologianwho is known for her unusual approach to reaching others through her church. Heavily tattooed, she is considered a “performative pastor”. Her work in the church is considered part of “a new Reformation”.
Jesus Gave Me Water
Ubi Caritas