Next Service – Sunday, January 17

 Join us Sunday, January 17, as we remember and celebrate the legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and renew our own commitment to realizing racial justice. Readings for this service will include a passage from the Book of Joshua and the Gospel of Luke, as well as a poem by Langston Hughes. The sermon by Pastor Lucozzi is entitled “Waking Up to (In)Justice.” Music under the direction of Peter Amidon includes the heartbreakingly beautiful anthem, “Elijah” written by Bill Harley and arranged by Peter Amidon. This anthem remembers Elijah McClain who died at the hands of law enforcement in Aurora, CO. Our hymns for this Sunday are freedom songs including “Somebody’s Hurting My Brother” by Yara Alan with Stefan Amidon percussion, “Ella’s Song” by Bernice Reagan Johnson with Mary Alice Amidon leading and on banjo and “I’m Gonna Lift” by Faya Rose Touré. Our closing musical offering is “A Dedication” written by Lea Morris. The children’s story for our service is A is for Activist is written and illustrated by Innosanto Nagara. Prayers and concerns for the world and our time are also a regular part of our time together. Everyone is welcome.

Guilford Community Church, an Open and Affirming/ Just Peace congregation of the United Church of Christ (UCC), continues tomorrow with worship online at 10am and on BCTV at 4pm and again at 11:00 pm.  The link to the livestream can be found on the church homepage at