September 20

September 20 will be the first service led entirely by our new pastor, Rev. Elisa Lucozzi.  Elisa Lucozzi has been the pastor at the United Congregational Church in St Johnsbury for the past three years and succeeds Rev. Lise Sparrow who will support her through September and then step into retirement.  The service holds up the many challenges of our time, as well as the biblical call for safe passage. The scripture includes lectionary readings from Isaiah 43:1-7 and 16-19 Exodus 14:15-25, the story of Moses passing through the Red Sea. The sermon by Pastor Lucozzi is called “Making A Way Out of No Way.” Music under the direction of Andy Davis includes anthems: “Guide My Feet” and “Walking in the Wilderness” plus hymns: “God of Abraham and Sarah”, “Wherever I May Wander” and “I Will Guide Thee”. The poetry of Jan Richardson and Maya Angelou, the children’s story, “The Pie that Papa Baked” by Lauren Thompson, and prayers and concerns for our time are also woven into the service. Everyone is welcome.