Angelique Kabami

So Deep Are the Waters

“O Healing River” , an African American spiritual, will carry the message of the day at the Guilford Community Church, UCC, 10am service. Ben Coplan will read the contemporary Emma Lazarus poem: “The Great Collosus” along with the story of Jesus and the deep waters of the Sea of Galilee found in Luke 5: 1-11, as we ponder and celebrate the departure of Angelique Kabami and her children who will be moving to Michigan next week. Everyone is welcome to the reception for them after worship in the Rosa Zeller Hall. Rev Sparrow will will offer a the children’s story “So Many Fish!” and a sermon entitled, “So Deep Are the Waters”.

“O Healing River”
“Over My Head”
“Jesu Jesu”
“Amen Amen” from South Africa
and the traditional favorite “In Christ There Is No East or West”.