Sunday August 11

The congregation of the Guilford Community Church, UCC, will baptize Julian Michael Silberman and welcome his extended family tomorrow at the 10am service on August 11. The lectionary scripture for the day includes the story of Abraham and Sarah’s unexpected pregnancy in their elder years and the foreground that sets for a life of faithfulness. The choir, under the direction of Peter Amidon, will offer three anthems: “Take Me to the Water” and “He Never Failed Me Yet”, both African American spirituals, and “El Shaddai” by Amy Grant.

Rev. Lise Sparrow will perform the baptism and offer the children’s story and sermon for the day. A contemporary reading by Eugene Peterson will complement the scripture readings. Everyone is welcome.

The Sunday school, under the direction of Ellen Peters, includes outside play, weather permitting, and the creation of a shared book for the summer.  Nursery care is also available.