Sunday, August 30

Note:  to watch the video there is a passcode: st7#qe1q
Sunday, August 30, Centre Congregational Church (UCC) will host the Community/Union service. The service will conclude a sermon series entitled “Many Perspectives: The Other Gospels”. Centre Church will conclude the sermon series with a homily on Chinese Christian Sutras (from inscriptions and documents found at an East Syrian Christian founded mission site in China dating back to 635 C.E.). Scott will speak of elements pertaining to Mission from the Chinese Christian Sutras. Scott will use the sutras as an ‘extra-canonical gospel’ (as they are written by the so-called and erroneously labelled ‘Nestorians’). He wants to use Asia for two reasons. One, it brings a nice continental balance to global Christianity when we focus on Centre Church’s relationships with churches and ministries in Africa and El Salvador. Two, it brings a non-western church perspective into the sermon series (all the gnostic gospels are for the most part from or countered by the western church).

We will hear from two ministries, one in South Africa (Inanda Seminary) and one in El Salvador (Iglesia LutheranaChristo Redentor, sister parish, Luz del Mundo scholarships). Please consider donating generously to one or both ministries through our wider church (UCC) instrumentality, Global Ministries. You can make a designated gift through the following website:

Please be sure to specifically designate by name in the field offered your offering to these two ministries. Thank you for your generosity. Love always in Christ, Scott
Be well.
In Christ, Scott