There are Angels

Sunday, December 15

The December 15 10am service at Guilford Community Church will open with the singing of “Angels Hovering Round” and continue with the lighting of Advent candles— as a solace to us all for the grief which interweaves itself with joyful Advent preparations. It is the third Sunday in Advent and .   Rev. Lise Sparrow will offer the third sermon in an Advent sermon series focussed on the five “staves” of the story of the Christmas Carol story. Charles Dickens wrote the book structured as verses in a “carol” — week by week the story unfolds, suggesting the ineffable power of Love. The scripture for the day is taken from the gospel of Matthew 11, verses 2 to 11, in which John hears of Jesus while in prison sends word to him, hopeful he is the One to fulfill the longings of the prophets.   Music for the day, under the direction of Peter Amidon, includes two anthems:
”I Heard from Heaven Today” and the “Solstice Song”. The children will continue preparing the creche for Christmas and practice for the pageant to be held December 22.   Next Sunday, December 22, will also be the Dessert Potluck with carolling after church. These have been postponed from tomorrow.
Rev. Lise M. Sparrow