Sunday May 16

Guilford Community Church, an Open and Affirming / Just Peace congregation of the United Church of Christ (UCC), continues its online worship tomorrow at 10 AM with a service on the theme of The Ascension. Brian Remer, long-time member and former lay leader, will lead worship assisted by members of his family. The service will also be broadcast on BCTV at 8 AM and again on Wednesday morning at 6:30 AM. The link to the premier online showing can be found on the church homepage at Pastor Elisa Lucozzi will return to the virtual pulpit on Sunday, May 23 to celebrate Pentecost—remember to WEAR RED!
In Sunday’s service, Guilford Community Church organist, Patty Meyer, will play “He is Lord” by Betty Pulkingham for the prelude; the postlude is “Holy Holy,” by Jimmy Owens. Musical offerings by the GCC Virtual Choir, led and arranged by Peter Amidon, will include “Give Us a Song” by Jonathan Edwards; “If You Want Your Dreams to Be,” by Donovan (sung by three members of the Children’s Virtual Choir); “Had I a Golden Thread” by Pete Seeger; and “ I Will Arise” by Joseph Hart and Peter Amidon; and “Take My Life and Let it Be Consecrated,” by F.R Havergal and J.H. Knecht. Brian Remer’s children’s message will include an activity in which you can participate: have on hand a pair of scissors and a business card or index card. Prayers and concerns for the world and our time are also a regular part of our worship services. Everyone is welcome—please join us!