Sunday, May 17

May 17 and 24 are special services in the life of Guilford Community Church. May 17, the Search Committee will carry out most of the service, helping the congregation understand the search for the pastor that has happened over the past 14 months and next week. May 24, the found candidate will lead worship. May 17, Rev. Lise Sparrow will offer a welcome and prayers during the service. The opening introit will feature “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” dedicated to the memories of Gladys Clemens, Don Marsh and Barbara and Reed Anthony, all of whom have died this past month and holding up the lives of those who have passed away from the CO-VID virus and their families.  Andy Davis and his daughter Emma will share in the telling of the children’s story, “Seeking and Finding” and the children’s hymn, “A Woman and a Coin”. Members of the Search Committee will offer reflections on the search process and lead prayers for the day. Patty Meyer will offer a Prelude and Postlude as well as accompaniment for music throughout. Peter Amidon,  choirmaster extraordinaire,  has gathered members of the choir virtually to sing “Woyaya”, words by Annie Masembe from Uganda, music by Sol Amarino (Osibisa) – arr. Peter Amidon.  Other hymns include “Turn Turn Turn”, sung by Sarah Ellis, “Oh God Our Help in Ages Past” sung by Lila Tadlock and Carole Crompton and “God of Life” sung by Rhys Glennon.  The program for the day can be found for download on this page and the links for viewing are all the homepage.