Sunday, November 15

Join us Sunday, November 15 as we explore the words of St. Teresa of Avila’s call to us to be Christ’s hands and heart in the world. Readings for this service will include the one of Paul’s letters to the Corinthians and a piece entitled We Are the Ones by Thomas Banyacya Sr., Elder of the Hopi Nation. The sermon by Pastor Lucozzi is also entitled “We Are the Ones.” Music under the direction of Peter Amidon includes the anthems, “Woyaya” words by Annie Masembe from Uganda, music by the band Osibisa and “Christ Has No Body But Yours” words from Teresa of Avila, music by David Ogden. Hymns for this Sunday include “There’s A Sweet, Sweet Spirit,” “Somos el Cuerpo/We Are the Body” as well as a new hymn, lyrics by Colorado musician and hymn writer Amanda Udis-Kessler entitled “Rebuilding Starts With Weeping” set to a familiar tune by JS Bach. The children’s story for our service is Knit Together by Angela Dominguez. Prayers and concerns for the world and our time are also a regular part of our time together. Everyone is welcome.

Guilford Community Church, an Open and Affirming/ Just Peace congregation of the United Church of Christ (UCC), continues tomorrow with worship online at 10am and on BCTV at 8am and again on Weds morning at 6:30am.  The link to the livestream can be found on the church homepage at