Sunday, October 6

Sunday October 6 is World Communion Sunday and churches around the world will be celebrating the connections created by our shared work for peace and justice for all peoples. The Guilford Community Church will mark the day by installing a peace pole made for the day by Dwayne Johnson. The pole was inscribed by Rachel Johnson with words for peace in languages from around the world where Guilford Church has significant connections. Terry Sylvester also painted the flow of a river enfolding the pole to mark not only our commitment to Christ—the Water of life- but the commitment to protecting the earth and its water ways.
The 10am worship service for the day will include music under the direction of Peter Amidon, reminding the congregation of our shared roles as peacemakers, will include anthems “La Paz de la Tierra” and “Make Me a Channel of Your Peace”, a Japanese hymn translated to English, “Praise to God”, African favorite “Thuman Mina” and the African American favorite “Ive Got Peace Like a River”. The service will close with the blessing of the peace pole and the singing of “Let There Be Peace on Earth”. Everyone is welcome.
The children of the church will prepare for the day by adding blessing notes of encouragement to the Clean Up buckets they have created for people suffering in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian. Nursery Care is also provided.