Sunday, September 15

Hurricane Dorian, along with his sisters, Katrina, Irene, Sandy and Maria, left tragic loss along coastlines and in the islands of the Caribbean.

After each natural disaster the congregation of the Guilford Church has responded, sending donations supplies and sometimes even volunteers to help with clean up and comfort to those affected. This Sunday Andy Davis will recount a bit about the 2006 to Mississippi for the children of the church and Dr Cheri Ann Brodhurst will set these efforts in the context of the 3GreatLoves campaign of the National United Church of Christ. Rev. Sparrow, Dr. Brodhurst, and two youth delegates, Margaret Holland and Lily Quintero, traveled to Milwaukee in June to represent the Vermont Conference of the United Church of Christ and this Sunday they will share some of the flavor and diversity of the wider church along with their own learning. Music for the day is taken from the National Synod music and will include anthems “Ain’t a That Good News”, “Like a Tree That’s Planted by the Water” under the direction of Andy Davis.

Davis will also share music and stories of the Mississippi trip with the Sunday school. Middle Schoolers will begin preparation of Clean Up Buckets to send for relief through Church World Service. Nursery care is always provided. Everyone is welcome and invited to stay for fellowship after the service in the Rosa Zeller Hall.